Are You Ready For The Power of The Cloud?

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It is about time for Healthcare facilities to embrace the cloud computing engines that will radically change the landscape that we have been accustomed to. Yes I know, I sound rash saying that. It is the coming of the Artificial Intelligence era in Medicine that we, professionals in healthcare, must start taking into consideration. Certain jobs will disappear forever, others will be urgently needed. Some practices will need to shut down as the AI that lives in the cloud will take over. But fret not, The intelligent cloud is not for destruction but rather an optimization of our medical practice way beyond our own possibility.

The cloud will help us save time due to its computing prowess and sophisticated interpretation models. We will have accessibility to Electronic Health Records that will save tons of physical documents for archiving. Medical images that are dusted away in dark Archive rooms will be part of a proactive ecosystem of diagnosis, clinical studies and medical decision-making.

Imagine the possibility of accessing all your patient data while having a real-time collaboration with colleagues. Cloud computing can give the doctor the possibility to engage, discuss, verify and forward medical data without having to sacrifice time or displace for a meeting. Its all virtually possible now.

If you think about it, one reason why medical research is not very fast is due to the time wasted in collecting samples, encoding the data, organizing the data into classification, while the researcher has to develop the problem statement that can be proved by analytics. I mean, wouldn’t real-time analytics right in the cloud escalate quality clinical research in a matter of minutes instead of months?

Of course, for every pro there is a con. I will talk more about how healthcare facilities can pre-caution against Ransomware and other security problems on my upcoming book:

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