Healthcare Needs a Superhero

By June 14, 2017 No Comments

Healthcare is knee-deep in problems that are so intertwined together, it might seem impossible to solve in any near future. Doctors, Nurses, and all other healthcare professionals are well aware that the medical system is not yet upgraded to the 21st century. The medical research is lagging behind esp. it’s impact of the masses. It takes them literally years to approve a drug or a medical technology , let alone to implement it.

But there is a way around this: Startups.  Especially the ones that are pushing for:  non-invasive products.

Apple has been pushing for its Healthcare kit called: Apple Research Kit which helps developers make mobile health apps to survey, track, and engage with patients. Google also announced its firm dedication to automated medical imaging & diagnosis using its AI technologies, especially Tensorflow, to help researchers advance cancer research and all other prognosis.

We are 100% supportive of these disruptive ideas that sprout from within the healthcare system and beyond. As MedVerse is a progressive mobile/web app development company that help doctor-preneurs, biomedical engineering enthusiasts and tech startups to create cutting edge solutions to solve everyday problems experienced in healthcare. We truely believe that Startuppers will be the ones who will shape the next stage of healthcare delivery, we might as well give them a helping hand!


If you are doctor with a knack to shift your field – What are you waiting for? Jumpstart!